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Introduction /


The mission /

To create a new brand and website for a client to go to market with, in order to scale the business. To help the client transition into full-time freelancing.

The outcome /

I designed the Buck Rabbit visual identity from the ground up, reflecting the exiting and fun personality of the owner in the new logo and stationery. I then designed and developed a website helping potential clients to find out about Buck Rabbit as a person as well as a business.

The impact /

Since the website launch, the leads have increased and also the quality of leads has improved due to the informative content.

Services /

New logo and Brand identity

Web design

Web content strategy

User experience

Web Development

Webflow CMS development



The Goal

Buck Rabbit is a freelancer based out of London UK, at the moment his business is purely driven by word-of-mouth. The clients he helps are local businesses, individuals and friends.

The driver for Buck Rabbit to launch a website and the new identity was to scale the business and attract a more specific client within the service sector.

The client is aiming to scale the business to be able to sustain himself as a full-time web design freelancer.

Buck Rabbit's goal is to position himself within the service sector as the go to expert for service delivery focused businesses. Helping clients with goal and purposeful web design, developed with the customer, business values and strategic intent at the forefront.

Rising Action

Buck Rabbit required a new identity and a website, simple, well, not so much. This is where the process begins and the client begins the journey down the rabbit hole.


During the strategy session conversation, key questions set the strategic approach going forward.

Defining the goals and purpose of the project was paramount. We decided on the specialisation being the central focus, "Web design for the services sector" and the personality of Buck Rabbit and his process as the secondary focus.

During this time I was able to define the client personas, the value propositions and service offered. The challenge for Buck Rabbit was not to shout about all his talents and abilities, but focus on one specific specialisation. It is very difficult for creatives to say they only do one thing, but he needed to stand out in a sea of multi service advertising agencies and marketing communication firms. This become our central focus.


Through a series of brand exercises I was able to identify key attributes, still the main one being the specialisation, but I decided to bring in the two halves of the animals faces and this represents that there is even more to Buck Rabbit, the coming together of many parts, many experiences, many ideas and it encourages the user to look a bit deeper and maybe see a bit of themselves.

The Rollout

Once the Brand identity phase was signed off, then the Website design and layout was finalised. We ordered the stationery printing and the website was launched.

The Gain

Part of the brief was to have the ability to manage and edit the website quickly and efficiently. With the Content Management Solution offered with Webflow (this is the platform the website is build with and hosted on), I was able to build a system for adding new case studies a breeze, Buck Rabbit can add them individually or upload in bulk with csv. files.

This saves many hours of manual entry work, and gives more time to Buck Rabbit to do what he does best, solve design problems for other businesses.

Project challenges /

Project solutions /

ns /

Client praise

Buck Rabbit

"I believe in this process, running through the process myself while building my own website and identity was not easy, speaking to myself in the third person was interesting. But as hard as it's been, it was worth every moment, every milestone, every discovery."

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