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I’m a freelance Webflow visual developer based in London UK, designing and developing functional, goal focused websites for businesses and individuals within the service sector.

I was born in Poland in the 80’s, I then emigrated to sunny South Africa and spent 24 years there.

Fell in love with photography at an early age (still a passion of mine), but ended up in the finance industry as a young adult, that’s a story for another time though.

I enjoy travelling and experiencing different places and cultures, meeting new people and learning from everything I do.

Why I do,
what I do

My passion for photography at the time, led me to Adobe Photoshop.

I did get bored of manipulating photos fairly quickly, actually I came to the conclusion that a good photo should be taken and not created, but that’s just my opinion.

So I started creating some original bad work at first haha!, but through that exploration I found my calling, and the need to express myself.

Design became my life.

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I learned,
I cannot draw

Had a friend in High School who was an amazing illustrator and I would watch him draw during class, and would day dream about being able to draw like him.

He taught me how to draw what you see here, I was very proud of that and nearly every desk I sat at had this drawing on it hahaha, sorry teachers.

But that is as far as my illustrator ventures ever went. That’s ok though, later in my life I discovered I can draw using code, code become my brush and the web my canvas.

And so my web design journey began and I haven't looked back.

“I have had many adventures in my life already, good and bad, I’m grateful for each one, and exited for the ones on the horizon.

Each new project I take on is an adventure and an opportunity to discover and learn about myself and make new friends.

I look forward to meeting you, and hearing your story.”

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