Hello :-)

Self taught dreamer, creating authentic web experiences.

Specialising in Webflow, because it's the future present.

A website is a reflection of us and our business

Our skills, abilities and personalities are defined by how we represent ourselves and our businesses on the web today.

“First impressions last," I was taught to make a good first impression when meeting someone for the first time, today, more than often, the first handshake takes place digitally, without us even knowing. (Hi! Nice to meet you :-)

Creating a good and authentic first impression on our websites takes understanding of ourselves, the services and products on offer, and the core values of the business.

AXJ Media

Web Design + Webflow Design & Dev + Strategy

Experience for potential clients to learn about AXJ Media & their services.

We all have a
story to tell

I’m a freelance visual developer based in London UK, designing and developing websites for individuals and businesses in the service sector.

My process focuses on the story of the individual, the business principals, products and services offered.

We tend to trust just that little bit more when we know more, be it about a product, service or someone.

my processmy story

Gray Lava

Webflow + Web Design & Development + Brand Design + Strategy

A company that makes and distributes healthy food. Our main product is made with fresh ingredients and served in 5-star restaurants across the nation.

The process

Stage 01 /

The strategy session

We kick off with a Strategy Session Conversation.

This will be a meeting to discuss and agree upon a strategic direction.

Stage 01 /

The strategy session

We kick off with a Strategy Session.

This will be a meeting to discuss what it is you actually looking to get out of your new website project.

Stage 02 /

Presentation of findings

At this point I offer a summery and a way forward based on the Strategy Session discussion.

Stage 03 /

Low fidelity design (wire framing)

Wire frames create the foundations of the website, the structure and customer journeys.

Stage 04 /

High fidelity design

Now the real fun begins, the design of the website with all the beautiful elements and functionality we have agreed on.

Stage 05 /

Development of the website

I develop your website in Webflow, it is an amazing tool, and I could go on about it till the cows come home as they say.

Stage 06 /

The Launch 3, 2, 1…

This is it, the time we go live!

Full process


Experience the full process in its magnificent glory.

discover the full process

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