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Introduction /


The mission /

AXJ Media required a website, a central place for potential clients to find out about WHO they are HOW they do things and WHAT they can actually help them with. The current ecosystem consisted of Social Media channels and word-of-mouth referrals. A central point for customer journey conversions was needed.

The outcome /

During the discovery sessions I identified three primary areas for us to focus on and make them the pillars of the entire web experience. Inform / Educate / Lead Generate, in that order. The journey through the website is designed so that the user is informed and when they choose to branch off to an educate section, once they complete that part they will be taken back to the inform section and so forth, until finally at the end the option to reach out is significant and clear. The important element was not to try and have the user make contact without understanding what was being offered, and the user would understood the need for them to acquire the service.

The impact /

The project has been launched in February 2021, and the key element of the strategy we will be monitoring is increase in quality leads for the business, and therefore overall growth. I shall update this section in 6 months time after the first initial period takes place.

The services /

Discovery - research

Strategy formation

Branding assets

Web design

Web development

Webflow CMS

Webflow training



The Goal

We kicked off the project with a Discovery Session in order for me to get a clear understanding of the current situation that AXJ Media was in and where they wanted to go. The first goal was easy, AXJ Media needed a website as they didn't have one, although being in business for over three years and relying mostly on Word-Of-Mouth and Social Media for new business leads and exposure, Adam decided it was time to create a website to drive traffic too, and show prospective clients Who they are, What they do and Why they do it.

The website would serve as a Information / Education / Lead generator, so upon a receiving a new business lead the prospective client would already know how amazing AXJ Media is and what they can offer to them of course.

Rising Action

With the leads coming in from Word-Of-Mouth, these were easy because someone that knows and understands the benefits of working with AXJ Media has explained them to the new client, hence the connection was made. While the Social Media leads were not always the right ones, because the understanding gained from such platforms is not always defined and granular.

This is what I was able to discern from our conversations, so it became imperative to build a website that focused on three pillars, Inform / Educate / Lead Generate in order to increase the quality of leads coming in, time is money and quality time should be spent on quality leads.

I went on to design and develop a web experience focusing on those pillars, and created a journey for the user to take when landing on the website. I managed to develop a road map on which the client is guided through the site, when clicked on an element the user is taken back to where they were after exploring that section, this is done with the purpose of having the user experience the entire site.

The Challenge

The gamble was with the design, although it broke some design principals, we were certain this was the direction we wanted to go with. STAND OUT! With the rollout of the site, we had it A-B tested with colleagues and friends, and yes the feedback was about one of the broken design principals, but also the same design principal was the main reason for them to carry on the exploration of the site.

The broken design principal is that we have the landing page not define The Who / What / Why upon the initial load, leaving the user asking for more...

We will be monitoring this across the next few months and see what effect it has, and will take action then.

The Gain

The launch has now happened and the PR machine is working. We are very exited to monitor and measure the growth and success of AXJ Media. After the initial six months once we have definitive data, I will publish here the findings.

Project challenges /

Project solutions /

ns /

Client praise

Adam Probert

"From our very first email interaction, we knew we were in good hands with Daniel and felt complete trust in having him design our agency website. His work process is pristine, asking just the right questions and taking the time to fully understand our business to its core before he began. Taking into consideration our design preferences and adding his expertise along the way, Daniel’s professionalism and eye for creativity led us to a website we couldn’t be prouder to attach our name to. Thank you, Daniel!"


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