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The Process

Stage 01 /

The strategy session

We kick off with a Strategy Session Conversation.

This will be a meeting of minds, we will identify and agree on the strategic direction in order to achieve our goals.

We will do this by decluttering the thoughts and ideas, zeroing in on Purpose, Goals, Value propositions, Personality of your brand, Tone and voice, Customer personas, Brand values and how large the cosmos really is.



Stage 02 /

Presentation of findings

At this point I offer a summery and a way forward based on the strategic direction we agreed on. This defines the scope of the project.

This can take form of a site map, content direction, overall style, tone and voice, and how all this comes together to form part of the goals and purpose of the website.

If during the strategy session we discovered a brand design, re-design or refresh was needed, this will be the stage it will be presented.

At this stage there will be revisions, no one is perfect, but there is beauty in imperfection too, just saying. Once we have the above nailed we shall move on to stage three.

Stage 03 /

Low fidelity design
(wire framing)

Wire frames create the foundations of the website, the structure, layout of pages and potential customer journeys.

Here our agreed strategic direction comes to life.

This is a great opportunity to discover possible pain points in the journeys and allows us to focus primarily on the navigational experience and if it is achieving the goals we set out before.

This stage also reveals how many pages are required and wether we have too much or too little, this can differ from the original spec, because we have learned so much more about the business and ourselves during the discovery, this is very therapeutic, its the perfect time to clean house if and as required.



Stage 04 /

High fidelity design

Now the real fun begins, the design of the website with all the beautiful elements and functionality we have agreed on.

I use Adobe XD to build a full functioning prototype for you, this application allows you to experience the website as if it were live on the web (with some limitations of course).

We can make quick design changes, experience the customer journeys, and tweak them as required. We can do all this prior to any code being written.

Stage 05 /

Development of the website

I develop your website in Webflow, it is an amazing tool, and I could go on about it till the cows come home as they say, but Il'l let Webflow speak for its self. This is directly from their website, -

Webflow gives you complete control over your business website design, along with a simple editing interface that makes updating and adding new content as easy as editing a Google Doc. Plus, Webflow integrates seamlessly with the tools you need to keep business running smoothly.”

The editing and managing freedom you receive as a client using the Webflow Content Management System/Solution is unbelievable, you need to experience it.

Managing your website will become a pleasure and it will be fun, you will have full control over it, and making changes without the need of a developer will save you tons of time and money down the road.

There are other solutions we can discuss, but I highly recommend and primarily work with Webflow.



Stage 06 /

The Launch 3, 2, 1…

This is it, the time we go live!

All testing has been done, everything looks amazing, all links are working, you have a smile on your face, you bursting with excitement and we ready to push the big red button.

Let’s show the world what we have created.

“The process may and will vary, but the above is always a great foundation for a successful project.”

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