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Introduction /


The mission /

Create a web experience that focuses on the two main services, Refurbishments and Carpentry. The requirement was to niche down the companies offerings and clearly showcase the two areas that they want to trade in, and establish them as experts in the respective fields.

The outcome /

During the discovery session, it was decided that the we need to be promoting only the two sections and embed the corresponding services. This decision was based on "Not to overwhelm the user" with multiple service choices as is common on many competitor sites. I created a "Split" web experience, this split on the home page takes the user on the specific journey from the get go.

The impact /

The impact will be measured after three months of launch, date TBC. I will be looking for amounts of new enquiries, but more to the quality of the enquiry, to measure how the "Split" journeys created hard specific service leads.

The services /

Discovery - research

Strategy formation


Word-mark re-fresh

Web design

Web development

Webflow CMS



The Goal

LD Property Services has been creating beautiful spaces, inside and outside, for over 40 years. A deeply family rooted business that has stood the test of time. Lee and David run the operation with assistance being brought on board, based on the projects requirements. Up to now, they have relayed on "word of mouth" and the 40 years of contacts made, for new business.

They felt it was time to build an online presence via a website, in addition to Instagram and Facebook accounts, which they currently have. Through the years they have completed multiple projects, and have figured out what is the best type of projects for the business going forward, also a factor of understanding what type of projects they love to work on.

I decided to to create a new positioning strategy, market approach and messaging focused on Refurbishments and Carpentry.

Rising Action

A nice problem to have is having a lot of business come your way, the problem with this is identifying the profitability, doing a lot does not equal profits. This drove the idea to define LD Property Services as with core offerings, the offerings that made most sense and the ones they enjoy working on the most.


I started with a discovery session with Lee, and found out a lot about the Property Services Industry. The underlying issue that I kept noticing was the lack of a definitive description of the services. Being able to do everything does not mean one should. I explained the theory of "Trust & Authority" and how it is achieved by narrowing down the choices offered to new customers. This was an insightful moment of the discovery session and it paved the direction for the strategy going forward.


LD Property Services is a trades driven service provider, apart from obligatory certification and licences required for working in the industry which verifies and creates credibility. I wanted the brand to speak to the potential new clients, through the completed projects and have the customer testimonials express the quality and satisfaction. The brand was build on word of mouth and I want to maintain this heritage.

The Challenge

As there was no website before this, the content needed to be created, this presented a challenge because the guys are not use to describing what they do, they just do it, cause they are professionals. Since the majority of the new business is via word-of-mouth, the sales part was done for them by a satisfied client referring another client. Creating the written content was the most challenging part of the project.

The Gain

Time is needed in order to measure the gain, the aim is to attract and increase new work enquiries central to the two categories;- Refurbishments and Carpentry. I will update this after date TBC.

Project challenges /

Project solutions /

ns /

Client praise

Awaiting client testimonial...

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